Sonja II Pöttmes

RJCh RCh Sonja II Pöttmes


female, date of birth: 17th of March 2009

Titles: Romanian Junior Champion, Romanian Champion, 3xRPJ, 4xCAC, RCAC, 2xRCACIB, 2xBest Junior, 5xBest Bitch, BOS, 4xBest of Breed, 1xReserve Best of Group, 3xBest of Group

KV 1st prize - maximum points

HD-Free (B1) - DKV Official result by Dr. Wolfram Lemmer

EBJ-Free (non-carrier) - DNA test 

DNA Profiled

Our Sonja comes from the oldest active German kennel, the well-known Pöttmes kennel founded in 1903 by Mr. Meyerheim, a pharmacist from a little town in Oberbayern named Pöttmes.

 deutsch kurzhaar Sonja II Poettmes

Sonja II Pöttmes


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