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23rd of January 2024

One of the Karpaten Irbis offspring who had a great 2023 is IntCH Karpaten Irbis Wednesday owned by Mrs. Cristina Ralph from Ontario, Canada. Wednesday passed her AZP with a 1st prize and also passed the medical tests with great results HD-A2, ED-0, OCD-Free, evaluated by Dr. Wolfram Lemmer. Thus Wednesday becomes breeding eligible under the DKV.

Also she got a great result in the Regional GSP Specialty becoming Winners Bitch and Best of Winners under famous breed specialist Mr. Claudio de Giuliani from Italy. These are just some of the highlights of her 2023 results, as she is also excelling in other activities such as scent detection, shed hunting, obedience, agility etc...

18th of November 2023

Times really does fly and I am left behind with the many results updates for the past few months

Karpaten Irbis Elke had a fantastic training and testing year in Germany passing the tests with 1st prize, including the VGP, at not even 14 months of age! Derby 1, Solms 1 (all 4's), VGP 1, HN, Fw: SG4 (jugend), SG2 (jugend) - DK Bayern, DK Niederbayern. Trainers Thomas Unholzer Jr. & Sen.

Once returned home, she was shown only 1 weekend in 3 shows and she really rocked!
Romanian Junior Champion, Best Junior in Show, Reserve Best Junior in Show, 3rd place Best Junior in Show, Reserve Best in Show, 3xCACJ, 3xBest of Breed, 3x Best of Group.

Health scores: HD-A2, ED-0, OCD-Free (bilaterally) - by Dr. Wolfram Lemmer, DNA Profiled, EBJ-Clear by Parentage. 

The young stud dog Karpaten Irbis E'Conan Iceman also had a great year and passed Derby 1, Solms 1 (all 4's), HN, Fw: SG (jugend) - DK Bayern
Health scores: HD-A1, ED-0, OCD-Free (bilaterally) - by Dr. Wolfram Lemmer,  DNA Profiled, EBJ-Clear by Parentage
Trainer/Owner Thomas Unholzer


27th of June 2023

At the 4 shows of Bucharest Kennel Club we had some good results:

Paris von den Donau-Wirbeln won 2xBest of Breed and 2xBest of Group (from Veteran Class), 4xBest Veteran of Breed and Veteran Best in Show and Reserve Veteran Best in Sho. Karpaten Irbis Queen of the Night Luna became Romanian Grand Champion, winning 4 times the Champion Class, 1xCACIB, 1xRCACIB. Karpaten Irbis Cosmin was shown only once and won Best Junior of Breed and Reserve Best Junior of Group 7.

In the Zuchtschau of DK Klub Niederbayern 3 Karpaten Irbis dogs received a maximum grading in Jugend Class.

Karpaten Irbis Corvinus - SG 2

Karpaten Irbis Chestnut - SG 3

Karpaten Irbis Elke - SG 2

Karpaten Irbis Kennel was very well represented in Estonia in the Hunting Dog Breeds Special Competition, judge Kalvo Kriisk.
Karpaten Irbis Amadeus - 2nd Ex in Junior Class - owners Ğirts Puķe and Iveta Liepiņa - Puķe
Karpaten Irbis Adrian - 1st Ex in Junior Class, SERT, Best Junior, Best of Breed - owners Aili Mängel and Mart Marandi
Karpaten Irbis Oliver - 1st Ex in Open Class, SERT - owners Mart Maranti and Aili Mangel
Karpaten Irbis Czarina - 1st Ex in Junior Class, SERT - owner Ireen Veltbach

The 4 dogs also formed a Karpaten Irbis Breeding Group.

Thank you to all of you!

23rd of May 2023 Karpaten Irbis Bond, James Bond passed the VJP in Canada with 71 points. Congratulations to Dale and Sandra Schindel!

12th of May 2023 Paris von den Donau-Wirbeln became Romanian Veteran Champion and also won Best of Breed and Best of Group (from Veteran Class) and Reserve Veteran Best in Show at the shows in Slobozia (Crevedia).

Karpaten Irbis Victoria became Romanian Champion.

10th of May 2023

News from Germany: Karpaten Irbis E'Conan Iceman - Derby 1, all 4s under DK Bayern. Trainer and owner Thomas Unholzer.

Karpaten Irbis Elke Derby 1, also under DK Bayern. Trainer Thomas Unholzer Jr.

In the Zuchtschau of DK Klub Bayern 3 Karpaten Irbis dogs received a maximum grading in Jugend Class.

Karpaten Irbis Corvinus - SG 3

Karpaten Irbis E'Conan Iceman - SG

Karpaten Irbis Elke - SG 4

25th of April 2023

In the UK, Karpaten Irbis Yo-Yo, graded Very Good at Spring Pointing Test. Only 2 Juniors graded. Yo-Yo was the Top Junior on the day. Owned, trained and loved by Janice Hawkes

20th of April 2023

Karpaten Irbis Bond, James Bond won 3xBest of Breed, 1x Group 4th, 1 x Best Puppy in Group, several best puppy in breed and 6 points toward his championship. Owned and loved by Dale and Sandra Schindel

15th of April 2023 - News from Germany:

Karpaten Irbis Chestnut - Derby 1 (all 4s), HN

Karpaten Irbis Deutsch KurzhaarKarpaten Irbis Deutsch Kurzhaar

Karpaten Irbis Corvinus - Derby 1 (all 4s), HN

Karpaten Irbis CorvinusKarpaten Irbis Corvinus

Karpaten Irbis Deluxe who lives in Finland and Estonia was shown several times in baby, puppy and junior class and got the following titles: Est Jun Ch (pending confirmation), 2xBOB Baby, 3x BOB Puppy, 3x BOB Junior, 3 x Junior Winner. When not busy with shows, Lux is enjoying exploring the neighboring forest, going hunting or attending piano lessons :) Owner Mari-Ann and Petter Bruncona, Handler Maarja Kalma.

Karpaten Irbis Amadeus Best Baby in Show in 2022 and also became Latvian and Lithuanian Junior Champion. Owners Iveta Liepina-Puke and Girts Puke.


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