41. Dr. Kleemann Zuchtausleseprüfung 2014

Waterwork video from group 1 was added on the 26th of October 2014

Zuchtschau and Working in Field Videos were added on the 15th of October 2014

From our point of view, Dr. Kleemann  Zuchtausleseprüfung  is the supreme event for the Deutsch Kurzhaar. In order to participate, dogs must qualify by fulfilling a certain criteria:

-       At least 2 first prizes in Derby, Solms or AZP. Derby is compulsory, but not sufficient

-       VGP 1st Prize

-       Conformation at least “Sehr Gut” (“Very Good”) in Adult class

-       Toughness Test HN

-       VBR (certificate for retrieve of a wounded game) or VSwP (blood tracking test)

-       HD-free (grades A1, A2, B1, B2)

The judging is very strict as the demands are according to the high level of the event.

The event takes place every 2 years, in the even years.

The 41st Dr. Kleemann  Zuchtausleseprüfung took place in in Osterhofen / Niederbayern, in the south east of Germany between the 2nd and 4th of October 2014 and was organized by Verein Deutsch - Kurzhaar Niederbayern e.V.

The main quarters were established at the Donau-Gewerbepark in Osterhofen, an excellent location that could provide the necessary infrastructure for such an event that involves a large number of dogs, people and cars.

For a few days, Osterhofen and its surrounding towns were the beating-heart of the Deutsch Kurzhaar.

The Kleemann started on the 2nd of October in the morning with the registration of the leaders and judges in the Prüfungsbüro. Practically this is the moment when you can meet almost everyone present at this event, as all dogs, leaders, visitors, judges and organizing team are gathered in the same place. There were people coming from all over the world: Germany, Austria, Netherlands, Canada, USA, Spain, Australia, UK, Cyprus, Greece, Romania, Turkey, Hungary, Serbia, Bosnia, Poland, Slovakia, Slovenia, Czech Republic, Russia, Ukraine etc.

In the previous years we have been present at the Kleemann Zuchtausleseprüfung  either as visitors or as owners of KS Conan Seehof who successfully passed this exam in 2008. This time we were at the Kleemann as judges, being the first Romanian judges ever at a Kleemann.

The Zuchtschau started in the afternoon. 4 large rings were made for the conformation judging. There were 2 rings for males and 2 for females and 3 judges in each of the rings. The judging could have been heard on the microphone, thus everybody could have heard the judges’ opinion about each dog. I had the honor to judge females together with Mr. Gerd Schad and Mr. Marcel Krenz from Germany.

Catrinel Pauna Deutsch Kurzhaar Judge Richter
Catrinel Pauna Deutsch Kurzhaar Judge Richter
Catrinel Pauna Deutsch Kurzhaar Judge Richter
Catrinel Pauna Deutsch Kurzhaar Judge Richter
Catrinel Pauna Deutsch Kurzhaar Judge Richter
Catrinel Pauna Deutsch Kurzhaar Judge Richter
Catrinel Pauna Deutsch Kurzhaar Judge Richter


In order to be allowed to continue the field and water examination the next day, dogs should have obtained at least a “Very Good” (or “Sehr Gut” as it’s known in German) qualification on conformation. At the Zuchtschau, only one dog obtained a “Gut” qualification, all the other dogs had obtained either “Very Good” or “Excellent” so the next day all dogs except one were eligible for the working exam.

At the end of the Zuchtschau, the best 5 males and best 5 females were designated.


V1 – Ivo vom Hinschen-Hof

V2 – Gibb KS Seehof

V3 - Campo KS vom Alberthain

V4 – Darko KS vom Klepelshagener Forst

V5 – Uno KS vom Mausberg



V1 – Elsa KS de los Trevolares

V2 – Fiona von der Königsleite

V3 – Daisy vom Hirschenacker

V4 – Nora vom Esterhazyhof

V5 – Caroline KS vom Geestmoor


After the Zuchtschau the 135 working judges and leaders met in the big event hall for a meeting where were settled the last details for the next day. Later the same day, the “Welcome Dinner” was organized, another opportunity for gathering and for the V1-V5 dogs’ leaders to be awarded their prizes for the performances in the Zuchtschau.

The next day, very early in the morning we met the other judges and the leaders of the dogs from the 1st group and we went together to the testing grounds. Petru Didi was judging in this group, together with 3 German judges: Mr. Erich Becker, Mrs. Rita Bommers and Mr. Daniel Schindler. The dogs in the group were Amsi vom Goldberg, Funny von der Königsleite and Hexi vom Wasserchling. Each dog was examined in the field for 3 times and then the group had to move to the water as it was its scheduled time for the water work. Water was excellent for the test purposes, with a good surface, size, bordering vegetation and dogs could perform without being disturbed by other groups. The group has afterwards returned to the field for more evaluation of the search, pointing, nose and cooperation.

We must congratulate the organizers for the excellent testing grounds, with large fields, well covered and rich in game and also for the perfect water. Also the communication with the game-keeper was excellent and everything went smoothly and flawless.

When the judging in the 1st Group ended, both Amsi vom Goldberg and Funny von der Königsleite became KS. Later, Amsi was awarded an Honorary Prize as she was injured during the Kleemann and still managed to perform excellent, by obtaining an Excellent in the Zuchtschau and a full 4 score in working.

Petru Didi Antonovici Kleemann Richter Judge

In the 3rd (the last) day of the Kleemann, some of the dogs were still examined early in the morning. In the afternoon the Schausuche took place, a field search where all dogs that passed and obtained the KS title get to run in pairs. The Schausuche doesn’t influence in any way the results of the Kleemann Prüfung.

A “Hubertus Messe” took place in the local church during early evening.

In the evening the “Festabend” or “Festive Dinner” took place, where all leaders of the successful dogs were awarded.

Also there are prizes for:

Best Male - Limbo vom Holtvogt

Best Female - Dixi vom Siedenfeld

Youngest Male with Full Points and Conformation Excellent - Ammon vom Rosental

Best Austrian Dog - Whisky vom Göttlesbrunnerhof

There were 134 dogs entered, from which 122 were present. 67 dogs became KS and 55 failed the exam.

We wish to congratulate the organizing committee for the excellent work.



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