Irbis vd Donau-Wirbeln

WS Ciro vom Bichtelwald


deutsch kurzhaar WS Ciro Bichtelwald

Ciro vom Bichtelwald

One of the all-time top-producing sires in Germany.

He was purchased by the Stramanns to improve the conformation of the inbred Hege-Haus dogs, with heads (stronger underjaws) and hindquarters a particular priority. His purchase was more than justified, for the dog proved to be a superb producer, not only for Hege-Haus and Niestetal (the kennel-name Mr. Stramann had purchased in 1970), but for a range of breeders throughout Germany. His tally of Sieger-titles is only exceeded by that of Axel v.Wasserschling, and many of his offspring have themselves produced champions.

He was the hunting companion of Mr. Stramann

Irbis von den Donau-Wirbeln


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